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Company vision

The serious impact on the business environment based on the knowledge, indigenous innovation and self-sufficiency of the country in the field of producing engineering polymers, relying on the valuable human and scientific potential, has been a clear and permanent prospect of the company vijegan Baspar Shargh and We are proud that at present, the personnel of this company have been working to establish an organizational culture at various scientific and technical levels and have a spirit of dynamism, innovation and order to achieve this vision. And in this way, the presence of those who accompany us is valued and we are glad to work together.

About Us

Vijegan baspar shargh company with the aim of supply of raw material of polymer products such as polyethylene pipes used for under pressure irrigation, coated telecommunication cables, automotive parts, injection parts and… was established with private investment in 2000, and start operation of its production line in 2001. In 2015 the company began manufacturing polyethylene pipes in new site. Now the company has three separate production halls, as follows: F1: Production of carbon black masterbatch that uses for under pressure polyethylene pipes. F2: Production of kinds of polymer compounds. F3: Production of different types of polyethylene pipes from size 16 to 400 mm Nowadays, the know how of the production of polymer compounds and polymer alloys is completely confidential and access to it requires research projects. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals, the company has set up a Polymer Research Center and a specialized library and technical archives, And has been able to design and produce various compounds according to the needs of the customer and in accordance with national and international standards, and on this basis the company was introduced in March of 2016 as a knowledge based company.