Vijegan baspar shargh Co was chosen as perfect research and development in industrial and mine at 2014.
February 23, 2016
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شرکت ویژگان بسپار شرق

Vijegan Baspar Company with the aim of supply of raw material of polymer products such as polyethylene pipes used for under pressure irrigation. Drip irrigation PE pipes, coated telecommunication cables, car parts, Industrial parts, injection parts, and etc., was established with private investment in a land area of 5000 square meter, and start manipular of its production line in 2001.

The company’s emphasis is on customer orientation and manufacturing various utilizable products in industrial production of polymer products. along with policy of company, it proceed to establish Vijegan Baspar Shargh company in a land area of 17000 square meter that located in Khazra Industrial town of Kerman in 2008; And in 2009, by merging two companies with each other, with the Name of Vijegan Baspar Shargh, continued its activities with capacity of 35000 tons yearly, including the above types of polymer blends that was mentioned.

Remember the current technical knowledge of production engineering polymers are completely  confidential which reaching them requires  doing  research projects.So, in order to reaching the goals, the company proceeded to establish a polymer research center and expertise library and related technical archive in the company and during its  related activities , the company has coordinated its  modern technology of machinery  in a way by using existing facilities, has managed to design and produce various compounds based on customer need and with national and international standards ; And during its activities on several occasions, it is introduced as a young entrepreneur, perfect industrial unit of Kerman, perfect industrial unit of country, perfect lab of institute of standard and industrial research of country, industrial and productive society.

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